Play ChopRaider!
ChopRaider Scores
Flight School.
So you're the fool that wants to fight Crimson's forces? Huh. Well good, we need fools. A fool might believe we can actually win this war.

Well, fool or not you need to know how to operate this equipment. First up, you have command of the ChopRaider. Red doesn't have anything like it. Shoot, we shouldn't have anything like it either, but that's another story. The ChopRaider is an advanced helicopter armed with some devastating weapons. To fly the ChopRaider you first need to take off and hopefully land later. Once in the air you will have complete mobility. Listen up, your keys for flight are as follows:

SHIFTTakeOff / Land
W or UP ARROWFly Forward
S or DOWN ARROWFly Backwards
A or LEFT ARROWTurn Left
D or RIGHT ARROWTurn Right
I suggest you master these controls. The more practice you get, the better our chances in this stinkin' war.

Flying around and looking pretty won't do us any good... you need to lay down some destruction. You do that with your assault cannon and your bombs. Firing your weapons is pretty straight forward:

LEFT MOUSE BUTTONFire Assault Cannon
Now you have an unlimited supply of rounds in your assault cannon. Just watch out for the heat generated by your gun. If the gun gets too hot, you'll have to let it cool down before you can resume a rapid rate of fire. With bombs, you aren't quite so lucky... you carry a limited number of them. The good news is that you can return to your carrier to load up with a fresh set of presents for Crimson and his gang. Why should Santa have all the fun?

Let's take a look at the basic battle screen so you can get familiar with the onscreen displays:

  • 1: Radar: Pay attention to it and you'll see things before they see you.
  • 2: Carrier Compass: This instrument always points back to your carrier. Very useful when you need to return for repairs and to rearm.
  • 3: ChopRaider Health: Don't let this reach zero. No further explanation required.
  • 4: Gun Heat: Here is a physics lesson for you. Your assault gun generates heat. This is bad. Stop it when you make too much.
  • 5: Bombs: My favorite. Sadly, you can only carry a finite number. When this display reads "empty", the fun goes way down. Return to the carrier and reload.
  • 6: Time: We don't have all day to win these battles. When time runs out, you don't explode or anything ridiculous like that (that only happens in video games). Rather, we zero out your kill points. Can't be promoting slow pokes can we?
  • 7: Points: Everything you kill (uh, hmm, enemies that is) gives you kill points. The more the merrier.
  • 8: Mute: War can be loud. Use this to silence the voices.
  • 9: Menu: The coward's way out. Press "ESC" if you must.
  • 10: Carrier: Home sweet home. Your carrier. This is home base for the ChopRaider
  • 11: Carrier Landing Pad: You take off and land here. Use "SHIFT" to take off and land. If you miss a landing, you don't land. Simple as that.
  • 12: ChopRaider: If you don't know what this is, perhaps you should join Crimson's side. They could use the help. Please?
  • 13: Bad Guys: These things hurt... hurt them back.

Why we fight.
Don't go getting all crazy and dreamy headed and start going on about freedom and all that. The short answer is that we are fighting to survive. On bad days we don't even do that... we fight to get even. To do this you need to know a thing or two about the enemy forces. In short, you smash anything that's got Red in it:

Ground Cannon. Basic ground defense. Packs a real wallup, so don't get shot down by hovering near one for too long.
SAM Missile Launcher Launches surface to air missiles.
Homing missiles. These annoying little critters have to be either outrun or shot down.
Defense tower. Fires nearly harmless bullets... but fires a whole bunch of them.
Ship Yard. Produces gun boats.
Tank Factory. Produces tanks.
AirBase. Produces attack planes and bombers.
Power Plant. Supplies power to factories. You have to destroy these BEFORE you can destroy a factory!
War Factory. What it's all about. Destroy all of these on a Whiteboard and you liberate it.
Gun Boat. Patrol the seas and take pot shots at you.
Tank. Turret is independent of tread direction. Can make taking an island a real irritation.
Attack Plane. This is the best air superiority craft Red could muster... and it isn't bad.
Bomber. These are not interested in you. They attack your carrier. Destroy them at ALL COSTS. Lose you carrier and we lose the war.

Anyway, good luck. I have more recruits to train and send into the grinder. So my young fool, get out there and show the sane Markers how to do what can't be done.
Copyright © 2008 by Virgil Wall